If you’re preparing to undergo an operative procedure, like LASIK or cataract surgery, it’s crucial to have a surgical consultation first. At St. Croix Falls Eye Associates, in St. Croix Falls, Webster, and Frederic, Wisconsin, licensed optometrists Lawrence Tran, OD, and Sandra Dolphin, OD, offer surgical consultations to people of all ages. A review of your medical records and a series of in-office tests can reduce your risk of complications and help speed up your recovery. Call the nearest office today to request a surgical consultation or book your appointment online.

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What is a surgical consultation?

A surgical consultation uses exams and preventive screenings to see if you’re a candidate for eye surgery.

St. Croix Falls Eye Associates typically recommends noninvasive treatments and healthy lifestyle changes to manage eye disease and vision problems, but if your symptoms continue or worsen, a more specialized form of treatment (like surgery) may be necessary.

What do surgical consultations involve?

At St. Croix Falls Eye Associates, surgical consultations include the following:

Comprehensive eye exam

Your optometrist completes a comprehensive eye exam, including a visual acuity test, a slit-lamp exam, and a retinal exam. They measure your eye pressure, order diagnostic imaging, and dilate your pupils to examine the back of your eyes.

Discussion of your lifestyle and health history

Your provider asks about your lifestyle, including how often you exercise, the type of foods you eat, and if you use tobacco or drink alcohol. Let them know if you have any health problems, like heart disease or diabetes. Certain conditions may increase the risk of surgical complications.

Explanation of surgery

Your optometrist walks you through the treatment process. They explain what the surgery involves, how long it takes, and what you can expect during recovery. This part of the consultation is the perfect time to ask questions or discuss concerns.

Guidelines for surgical prep

Last, your provider explains how to prepare for your operation. For example, you may need to stop taking certain prescription medicines or fast the night before your procedure. Since you won’t be able to drive after surgery, make sure to have a friend or family member available to pick you up.

What should I bring to a surgical consultation?

To get the most out of your surgical consultation at St. Croix Falls Eye Associates, bring the following information:

  • Health insurance card
  • Your most recent eyeglasses or contact lens prescription (if you have one)
  • Results from any recent or relevant eye tests
  • Your contact lenses or eyeglasses (if you wear them)
  • List of the medicines and supplements you use
  • Questions you have for your optometrist

Most surgical consultations last 45-60 minutes, but the appointment may take longer depending on the problem being treated and your surgical goals.

Call the nearest St. Croix Falls Eye Associates office today to request a surgical consultation, or make your appointment online.